A Vision for the Future

Creating vibrant residential and commercial opportunities while
preserving the integrity and charm of Midhurst.


Midhurst Secondary Plan. Did You Know?

  • The Midhurst development will not harm either Lake Simcoe or the Nottawasaga Valley watershed.
  • The Midhurst Secondary Plan conforms to provincial growth policy and legislation.
  • The Midhurst development will occur gradually, over the long term, in carefully planned and controlled stages.
  • There will be more jobs for Midhurst and Springwater residents as a result of the Midhurst development.

What We Believe

  • That new developments should consider the environment and that’s why over 2,000 acres of environmental lands have been preserved.
  • Midhurst has the potential to be an even greater community than it is already.
  • Midhurst has a bright future providing homes, schools, recreational opportunities and jobs for Ontario families.
  • Midhurst, Springwater and Simcoe residents should have a voice when talking about the future of Midhurst.
  • We love Midhurst and we think others should be welcomed here to become part of a vibrant and thriving community.