Did You Know?

You can read below some interesting facts about the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

  • The Midhurst development will protect the Nottawasaga Valley watershed.
  • The Midhurst Secondary Plan conforms to provincial growth policy and legislation.
  • The Midhurst development will occur gradually, over the long term, in carefully planned and controlled stages.
  • There will be more jobs for Midhurst and Springwater residents as a result of the Midhurst development.

From 2004 to 2009...

There were many opportunities for the public to comment at design workshops, sessions with Springwater Township Council, Planning Committee and staff, public open houses and public meetings regarding the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

Council decisions were made with advanced public notice, discussion and debate.

Springwater council members and staff have engaged the community over the years during the planning process for Midhurst.

In 1982...

The Province of Ontario approved the official plan of the then Township of Vespra which designated Midhurst as a Settlement Area. Then, in 1998, four years after the Township of Springwater was formed, Springwater’s Official Plan expanded the settlement area boundary for Midhurst. This was also noted in the County of Simcoe Official Plan. Both the Springwater and County Official Plans were approved by the province.

Growth and development in Ontario, (including Springwater and Midhurst) is governed and controlled by federal, provincial and municipal legislation. Developers must meet many benchmarks, conform with all laws, including environmental and planning standards, and follow an intensive process that is clearly outlined in legislation.

Did you know that planning for any kind of major development must be approved on a regional (County) basis and that individual municipalities, such as the Township of Springwater, cannot approve major development on their own.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan conforms to provincial growth policy and legislation.

The planned and approved development in Midhurst will help Springwater become a more "complete community". The provincial Growth Plan defines complete communities as communities that "meet people’s needs for daily living throughout an entire lifetime by providing convenient access to an appropriate mix of jobs, local services, a full range of housing, and community infrastructure including affordable housing, schools, recreation and open space for their residents. Convenient access to public transportation and options for safe, non-motorized travel is also provided" – Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006