Project History

  • 1982
    Township of Vespra Council adopts Official Plan establishing Midhurst as a Settlement Area
  • 1983
    August: Province of Ontario approves Township of Vespra Official Plan, which designates Midhurst a Settlement Area
  • 1988 -1989
    Township of Vespra Growth Options Study identifies Midhurst for the majority of Township growth

  • 1994
    January 1: Township of Springwater formed
  • 1996
    July: Springwater's first Growth Management Strategy completed, identifying Midhurst as a key growth area

  • 1997
    October 6: Springwater Council adopts its first Official Plan, designates Midhurst an “Urban Settlement Area” and requires a Secondary Plan prior to development

    Midhurst Community Plan Map
  • 1998
    January 28: Springwater Official Plan approved by MMAH (in effect today)
    First Official Plan for County of Simcoe approved by MMAH, designates Midhurst a “Settlement Area” (in effect today)
  • 2003
    Municipality initiates the Midhurst Secondary Plan study process
  • 2004
    May 6: Municipality hosts Public Open House
  • 2005
    November 10: Stakeholders Meeting
  • 2006
    March 30: Midhurst residents meeting
    May 23: Municipality approves Terms of Reference for Midhurst Secondary Plan
  • 2007

    Early 2007: Municipality selects award-winning, Toronto-based land use planning, urban design and landscape architecture consulting firm, The Planning Partnership to undertake the Midhurst Secondary Plan
    September: Landowners meet with The Planning Partnership
    October: The Planning Partnership hosts meetings with local stakeholders and Council
    November 14/15: Two-day Design Charrette and Public Workshops held at Willow Creek Baptist Church and Springwater Council Chambers See agenda attached.
  • 2008
    February: The Planning Partnership provides background report on Growth Options to Springwater Planning Committee
    February 25: The Planning Partnership meets with MMAH, County and Municipality to discuss the Midhurst Secondary Plan April 14: The Planning Partnership presents growth options with varying densities (30, 40, 50 people and jobs per hectare) to Springwater Planning Committee May 26: The Planning Partnership reports to Township Planning Committee on evaluation of Growth Options

    Midhurst Community Building
    June 10: Municipality issues Notice of Commencement for Class Environmental Assessment for water, wastewater and transportation requirements of Midhurst Secondary Plan
    June 23: Township Director of Planning provides Planning Committee with update on timing for completion of Secondary Plan
    July 28: The Planning Partnership reports to Planning Committee in advance of first non-statutory Open House; simulated aerial flyover showing varying densities and limits of natural heritage areas throughout the Midhurst Secondary Plan
    August 5: Non-statutory Public Open House.
    August 8: Draft Secondary Plan and Urban Design Guidelines made available for public review and comment
    August 11: Draft Official Plan Amendment presented to Planning Committee
    August 28: Statutory Public Open House for Secondary Plan
    Public Information Centre (PIC) for Class Environmental Assessment
    September 8: Statutory Public Meeting for Secondary Plan held in Council Chambers
    September 29: Revised Secondary Plan presented to Springwater Planning Committee
    October 20: By-law 2008-140 adopting Secondary Plan (Official Plan Amendment 38) receives 1st reading by Council Resolution CL547-2008
    October 27: Springwater Planning Committee recommends 2nd and 3rd reading of By-law adopting OPA 38 by Resolution PC2008-244
    November 3: Springwater Council unanimously adopts Midhurst Secondary Plan (OPA 38) by By-law 2008-106
    November 11: Municipality issues Notice of Adoption
    November: Municipality forwards the Midhurst Secondary Plan to the County of Simcoe for approval
  • Midhurst Community Building

    Midhurst Existing Residential
  • Midhurst Street
  • 2009
    July 9: Municipality issues Notice of Completion for Phases 1 and 2 of Class Environmental Assessment for water, wastewater and transportation services for Midhurst Secondary Plan
  • 2011
    October 12: County of Simcoe unanimously approves Midhurst Secondary Plan.
    October 13: County of Simcoe issues Notice of Decision for Midhurst Secondary Plan.
    October 28: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing appeals County Decision to the Ontario Municipal Board
  • 2012
    Midhurst Street

    January 19: Amendment 1 to Growth Plan for Greater Golden Horseshoe for Simcoe Sub area and Ontario Regulation 08/12 come into effect. Amendment 1 to Growth Plan for Greater Golden Horseshoe for Simcoe Sub area and Ontario Regulation 08/12 come into effect.